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Erik Ahto Oy form a comprehensive industrial business forerunner which serves large scaffolding and insulation service corporations as well as the construction industry. Our professional and reliable staff guarantees both safe and efficient service entity. In addition to scaffolding, insulation and maintenance our services include construction services comprehensively. Corporation consists of Erik Ahto Oy, Eri Ahto Oy, AL Betoni Oy and EA Industry Oy. The main office of Erik Ahto Oy is located in Pori. However we operate nationally and at the moment our operations are focused in southern and western Finland as well as in Lappeenranta and Äänekoski area. 


The corporations are managed by Erik Ahto Oy.








Ahto Corporations are part of Luotettava Kumppani – program i.e. Trustworthy Partner – program. As an employer and a contracting party we fulfill our legal obligations. From – service you will get information required by client responsibility law for free when you register online for the free service.

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A continuous staff training, responsible business and good client connections form the basis for the operation of Ahto Corporations. Our qualitative responsibility is based on customer satisfaction and service compliance, operating according to agreed procedures as well as continuous improvement.



We take employees’ health and safety issues at work seriously. We maintain and develop our implementations in order for them to offer the best possible support for carrying out tasks safely and in a qualitative way. Corporation’s own job protection activity improves issues which contribute to job safety and this way also connives the company in improving into even safer job environment. Corporation’s employees’ occupational health care is cared by reliable health care professionals.

Our company is registered on UPA- register (i.e. the evaluation of safety operations of the third party service providers). The evaluation has been carried out by Telinekataja Oy.



Our goal is to minimize the environmental strain as well as to improve and take into consideration environmental aspects in all our operation and decision making. At worksites we follow environmental requirements set by clients and recycle all waste formed due to our operations outside worksites.







Erik Ahto Oy Antinkatu 2, 28100 Pori 040 072 4100


Erik Ahto CEO 040 072 4100



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